With my qualifications in astrophysics and passion for communicating science, I am a clear and direct scientific advisor.

I provided astrophysics advice for Andrew Hunter Murray's (QI elf, comedian and co-host of No Such Thing As A Fish) dystopian thriller The Last Day.

I have also taught at the University of Oxford as a tutor for Worcester College teaching the 2nd year undergraduate physics mathematics module and for the Astrophysics sub-department teaching the 4th year undergraduate astrophysics module.

I was a panellist at the Royal Lyceum Edinburgh's talk show. I was interviewed by Business Insider for an article on black holes, featured several times on BBC Radio Oxford and taken part in several outreach events. 


DPhil Astrophysics

Luminosity Functions using New Radio Surveys

University of Oxford

MSc Astronomy & Astrophysics

A comparison of 24micro metre and 6cm star-formation tracers in the spiral galaxy M83 

University of Manchester

BSc Mathematics

King's College London


I make bright, colourful work with humour and clean lines, - from funny characters to striking pieces of contemporary art.

My first collection Not So Fanastic, focusses on the impact of plastic on the human body and the tireless wait to reduce our plastic consumption. The aim of the work is to reduce the imagined distance between ourselves and the consequences of our way of living.

I am currently open for commissions - for illustration in digital, ink, watercolour and gouache.


Clients include:

A Piece of String, Jubilation Podcast, Keeping it Creative, Babb's Art Club.







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I am an improvised comedian, singer (soprano) and actor. I create expressive and truthful characters. I am the director of The Oxford Imps for the academic year 2021/22.

    I joined the Oxford Imps in 2015, since performing in hundreds of shows in and around Oxford, as well as at the Edinburgh Fringe.

    I now perform with Jericho Comedy in Harry Potter parody : The Show That Must Not Be Named and Murder on the National Express. In the past we travelled across the UK with An Improvised Funeral.

    I have guest spotted in Criminal, a murder mystery improv show featuring comedians such as Josie Lawrence, Miles Jupp and Rachel Parris, as well as performing with Canadian group Club Soda, as a guest on Jericho Comedy podcast The Dinner Party and Verity Babbs' Art Laughs.


The Show That Must Not Be Named


An Improvised Funeral


The Oxford Imps

Murder on the National Express

Voice Acting

University of Oxford, Laboratory with Leaves - Hill End

Hope Ffennell

Josh Berry Voice Thief 

Voice over for Edinburgh Show

Jack FM

Various voice over clips for large radio network






In 2014 I began communicating science by co-presenting on The Jodcast. Since then, I have co-hosted on Recycled Electrons (with Sky at Night presenter Prof. Chris Lintott) and A Piece of String. I have also given numerous public talks and produced and presented videos on Astrophysics.

I contributed to The Edge of Science, a BBC Studios and YouTube Originals programme with 2.1M+ views on the science of levitation. I got to ride a hoverboard!

Most recently, I presented the BBC Earth Weird Science short web series on big questions in science, and the people trying to answer them.  


Weird Science

Presenter, BBC Earth & Facebook Watch

5 part web series

The Edge of Science

Contributor, BBC Studios & YouTube Originals


24K+ followers


A Piece of String


BBC Ideas

Contributor, Video

University of Oxford Graduate Funding

Contributor, Video

Josie A Peters

YouTube Channel

Oxford Stargazing

Public Talk




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