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Josie Peters (she/her) is a cartoonist, illustrator, presenter and comedian who'll remind you that her title is Dr thanks very much that astrophysics DPhil (Oxford term for PhD) was incredibly difficult can't believe she did that. 

In everything she does she is authentically a 'bit silly'. Her cartoons and illustrations are full of expressive characters, in her improvised comedy she'll morph into a new form, and she'll endeavour to add as much fun and light-heartedness to her presenting as is appropriate (she is a professional after all).

If you want she'll sing for you and she's quite good.

She still resides in Oxford because the buildings are old and pretty, the coffee is excellent and it's the place where she met her best friends.


Josie is ADHD and Autistic and if you'd like to talk about it she'll spend a long time on it with you. She makes the odd comic, cartoon and TikTok about her experiences.


Josie has worked with: 


For illustration enquiries, or to book Shit Art Club for your venue or event, email

For presenting and public speaking enquiries, please contact my agent Sara Cameron.

some stuff about me I feel I should mention but don't know where to put so I guess it's going here then cool ok yeah thanks woopeee 

I studied for a lonnng time

DPhil Astrophysics, University of Oxford

Thesis: Luminosity Functions using New Radio Surveys

MSc Astronomy & Astrophysics, University of Manchester

Thesis: A comparison of 24micro metre and 6cm star-formation tracers in the spiral galaxy M83 

BSc Mathematics, King's College London

other stuff

  • gave astrophysics advice for Andrew Hunter Murray's thriller The Last Day 

  • I was interviewed by Business Insider and Virgin Atlantic in-flight magazine

  • The prettiest cat in the Universe lives in my house (I used telescope time to check)

  • Worcester College, Oxford let me tutor some undergrads about maths

  • I rode a legit hoverboard in an empty warehouse in Glasgow one time

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