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rare combination of expertise in both comedy and astrophysics, Josie is a

refreshingly fun science presenter who'll entertain and surprise, as well as

educate. She has worked with BBC Studios, YouTube Originals, The Natural

History Museum, The Sky at Night, BBC Ideas and Royal Lyceum Theatre



Josie has presented 3 BBC Earth web series; Unexplored, Space Mysteries

(episodes 6-10)  and Weird Science on the BBC Earth Facebook page and

BBC Earth Lab YouTube Channel. She presents on a range of topics from

Anti-gravity to Martian law!


Josie has a following of 35k+ on TikTok where she posts a variety of content - primarily on astrophysics, physics and science. 


Josie began presenting science in 2014 when she co-presented on the popular astronomy podcast The Jodcast at the University of Manchester during her MSc. When she got to Oxford she started a YouTube channel and began presenting at live events and on podcasts (Recycled Electrons, A Piece of String). In 2017, Josie was selected to attend the Sheffield Doc Fest Talent Market, an event to bring new presenting talent to factual TV and Radio producers and agents. 

An exciting project Josie contributed to was The Edge of Science, a BBC Studios and YouTube Originals programme hosted by Rick Edwards and Colin Furze, with 2.1M+ views on the science of levitation. She got to ride a hoverboard!


Josie is represented by Sara Cameron Talent.


Hey Duggee goes to Space!BBC Studios

Unexplored 5 part web series, BBC Earth

Space Mysteries Episodes 6-10, BBC Earth

Weird Science 5 part web series, BBC Earth

In person events

Maths LIVE! Euro Study Tours, Disneyland Paris

Beyond the Cabinets Presenter at event hosted by Chris LintottNatural History Museum, London

Talk Show, Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh

University of Oxford Stargazing


The Sky at Night Broadcast TV

The Edge of Science Video, BBC Studios & YouTube Originals

BBC IdeasVideo

University of Oxford Graduate FundingVideo


A Piece of String (2018-21)

Recycled Electrons (2016)

The Jodcast (2014-15)

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